Nominee Forum

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If you had the OPPORTUNITY to introduce a private members’ bill, what private members’ bill would that be and why?


Chad: Encourage the government to exert federal jurisdiction on pipeline projects.

Hugh: Addressing the opioid drug crisis.

Greg: A regulatory process which defines what projects need to do.

Tamara: Invoke declaratory power that declares pipelines in the interest of Canada.

If you could remove any item from our party’s policy book, what would it be and why?


Chad: Supply management.

Hugh: Higher focus on veterans.

Greg: Supply management.

Tamara: Preferential ballot at nominations.

do you believe that the people’s party of canada is a risk to the conservative party of canada, if so, how will you address it?


Chad: Yes, we need to be able to speak about conservative values and show that we represent them.

Hugh: Is not a threat in Calgary. We need to stick to conservative values.

Greg: Yes, need to ensure candidate has a good team behind them and financing.

Tamara: In principle, but was only brought up once while door knocking.

Should canada subsidize the cbc?


Chad: Subsidization of the Canadian media in general is a major problem and we should look at if there is a future for CBC.

Hugh: Should not be funded at the current level.

Greg: We should subsidize the area’s where they are not competing and ensure they compete fairly where they are competing.

Tamara: Hell no.

canada’s relationship with china is complex, how would you approach this relationship?


Chad: We should be selling our oil and gas to China and we need to focus on deals that help Canadians first.

Hugh: We need to focus more on communication at the community level.

Greg: We need to address questions in a trade agreement and decide what we agree with them on.

Tamara: We should ask Stephen Harper to go on a trade mission to China and we should not have free trade with countries that don’t respect human rights.

we have two official languages in canada,do you believe it is important for candidates to be able to speak in both languages?


Chad: It is important but it is not essential. If elected he’ll go to Quebec and tell them in French that we are going to build our pipelines.

Hugh: Respect that there are two languages in Canada.

Greg: You have to be able to speak to people in their language. Not essential but an advantage.

Tamara: Important to respect both languages and know basic fluency. Government provides free French language training to Members of Parliament and she would use it.

What makes you the best candidate to win over those under 35?


Chad: Experience in the energy and technology industry. Experience communicating entrepreneur issues to them though his non-profit: Startup Grind Calgary.

Hugh: We need to do a better job of getting them involved in the economy and the political structure.

Greg: Need to focus on issues which matter to millennial. We need to have a good policy on the environment and embrace different communication mechanisms.

Tamara: Experience in environmental sciences.

are you the right person to beat kent hehr and why?


Chad: Being a veteran and experience in the energy and technology sectors he can speak to a broad audience. We need to keep our conservative values.

Hugh: His understanding of the energy industry differentiates him from Kent Hehr.

Greg: We pushed people away from our party in the last election because we did not embrace people before.

Tamara: She has liberal values therefore she can pull over moderates.

Do you believe the purchase of the transmountain pipeline was the correct move by the liberal government?


Chad: It was a national embarrassment.

Hugh: Absolutely not.

Greg: Absolutely yes.

Tamara: It should not have been a purchase.

What is your position on equalization payments?


Chad: In general, the redistribution of wealth between regions has been unfair. Equalization should be re-looked at and made more fair to all Canadians.

Hugh: The current situation is completely unfair. We have to renegotiate.

Greg: It is unfair and needs to be addressed.

Tamara: We need to have a national conversation.

Is the immigration system and broken and if so how do you plan to fix it?


Chad: It’s not broken but it needs work. We need to streamline and digitize the immigration process for legal immigrants. Illegal immigration needs to be dealt with quickly and effectively.

Hugh: The current situation is completely unfair. We have to renegotiate.

Greg: We need to get immigrants into the queue and into jobs.

Tamara: We need to ensure we attract people that contribute to our society and fulfill their dreams.

What would you do to diversify our economy?


Chad: Proud of the success of our energy industry and we should look at growing off what we are already good at. We should not focus on the government but rather entrepreneurism through a lower tax system.

Hugh: Focus on our entrepreneurial spirit.

Greg: Get capital investment.

Tamara: Use tools in the government’s tool box.

if you are elected as a member of parliament and there is not a conservative GOVERNMENT, what would you do represent your riding in opposition?


Chad: Would focus on minimizing partisanship but fighting back against identity politics. Also would educate all sides on how having a strong energy sector is good for the environment.

Hugh: Will use his experience to educate people about the energy industry and Calgary.

Greg: We should be working with those across the aisle and respect other’s views.

Tamara: Would focus on foreign funding in Canadian elections.

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