Chad Will Win Calgary Centre Back!

Born and raised in Alberta and fluent in French, Chad is the best choice to be your Conservative Candidate. He understands the issues, is strongly connected with the community and has experience effectively communicating to broad audiences.

As a proud conservative, Chad has volunteered for multiple provincial and federal elections, going back to Ralph Klein’s third provincial campaign, and as recently as Jason Kenney’s campaign to unite the right in Alberta. For the past year he has been on the Conservative Party’s board for the Calgary Centre riding. Chad is seeking your support in winning Calgary Centre back, a riding he has called home for the past eleven years.


Chad is President and Founder of Sunexo Solutions.

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Energy Entrepreneur

Chad understands the challenges of the energy sector and has experience finding innovative solutions to them. He founded the software company Sunexo Solutions in 2012 in order to help energy companies better manage concerns raised about their projects. Chad worked directly with the largest resource development and energy companies in North America by helping them use technology to improve how they interact with people impacted by their projects.  

Chad worked on multiple complex energy projects. This includes living part-time in a northern British Columbia First Nation community for almost a year as the community representative for a controversial natural gas project. These experiences make Chad uniquely positioned to represent the major challenges facing Canadians around the energy industry, innovation and entrepreneurship.

community builder

Contributing to his community is an important part of Chad’s life. He has been involved with a variety of non-profit organizations and associations that address important issues facing our communities today.

Startup Grind Calgary
In 2016, Chad founded Startup Grind Calgary. Startup Grind is a grassroots, non-profit organization focused on growing a local and worldwide community of entrepreneurs sponsored by Google. Chad grew Startup Grind Calgary to nearly 1,500 local members in under two years. His efforts as Director and President of Calgary’s fastest growing startup community have all been volunteer driven. The vast majority of Startup Grind members are Calgary-based entrepreneurs operating in diverse industries. As President and Chapter Director, Chad has connected with, interviewed, and learned from some of the most successful and forward-thinking entrepreneurs in Canada.

Canadian Federation of Independent Business
Early in his career Chad worked for the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, the largest champion of small business policy in Canada. His work included research and lobbying governments for lower taxes, better regulations and a stronger business environment. He also worked directly with small business owners to help them navigate government policies and regulations.

Veteran Initiatives
In late 2016 Chad was invited to be the first Canadian to attend the Millennium Leadership Program: Veterans Take Point Fellowship in Washington DC. This program was designed to support post-9/11 veterans transitioning to careers as nonprofit and thought leaders in the policy field, and provide them with a voice in key discussions shaping foreign policy, national security, and the narrative around veterans.

Based on this experience he co-founded the non-profit Article 2 Initiative in Canada. This organization was developed to connect post 9/11 Canadian military veterans with high value veteran centric leadership and skill opportunities abroad. It was eventually transitioned to the V-42 Foundation's Education Committee (a non-profit which supports Canadian Special Operations Forces and their family after retirement).


As a promoter of healthy living and exercise, Chad is involved in various sports in Calgary including his continual participation in a morning recreational hockey league over the past several years. Chad is also a Board Member of the Calgary Combative Sports Commission.

Learn about Startup Grind Calgary, the organization Chad started in Calgary.

Watch some highlights of Chad interviewing successful local entrepreneurs at a Startup Grind Calgary event.

Chad Ford infantry reservist posing next to Canadian flag


Chad was member of the Canadian Forces for six years as an infantry reservist with the Loyal Edmonton Regiment. As an active reservist he was able to financially support his education as he completed a Bachelors Degree in Political Science at the University of Alberta. During this time Chad participated in Operation Peregrine in 2003, which saw him fighting forest fires in Kelowna.

In 2006, Chad volunteered to be deployed to Afghanistan as part of Operation Enduring Freedom. There he was a member of convoy security platoon composed of his regiment, the PPCLI and the Calgary Highlanders. Chad’s deployment was one of the most intensive combat operations by Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan.

His time in the military was inspired by his early desire to serve his country and try to make the world a better place. Chad’s family has a history of serving Canada through the military including his great-grandfather who fought and was wounded at Vimy Ridge.